Sunday, 31 July 2011

Bed Sheet Shirt

I purchased a pair of low  crotch Jean / Jeggins from Zara, Don't know if I'm that keen on the low crotch vibe. I might take the crouch in so they are more like normal jeans. Anyway when I got back from my day out in Chania I threw my jeans on the bed they landed next to my bed sheet. When I came back in the room I thought the bed sheet and the jeans make a great combo. I wanted to steal the sheet to make a shirt out of it , but as my mum had rented the house out for me and brother and sister and had vouched for us to the owner. I felt it would be really bad for her if I stole the sheet. I found it strange that the place had floral sheet's which was unusual for Greece  ...
 Anyway years ago me and my sister did a photo shoot on a polaroid and  we had arranged to do another photo shoot as we were out in Greece for our mothers 60th. The sheet had inspired this outrageous clashing pattern granny look, also looking through Dazed and Confused and other fashion mag's I have noticed the stylist using shirts to look like trousers and layering items to resemble other items of clothing.. so this is the look I produced from bed sheets and pillow cases.

I call it the Albanian Grandmother look !!

Crazy Paisley shirt from Topman, Shoes Zara, Sheets and pillow case from the apartment..

Just after this was taken I was just about to jump down on the the street and a car full of greek woman came past and they all burst out laughing !! It must of been a shock for them.


  1. Thats a nice one lol ! We might try to work a reference to this one into the kas bed sheets newsletter later next week.
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  2. I love the shades dude.